William Beckett (takeoffhisshoes) wrote in and_other_sins,
William Beckett


*finds that he is strangely at ease this morning, carrying a few of his absolutely necessary boxed possessions downstairs and stacking them against the wall in the foyer; the rest, he decides, will just have to stay with his mother*

*when he's finished, fishes out his cell phone and selects the landline number Gabe gave him, idly wondering if Gabe would even be awake at this hour*
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*Gabe never sleeps*

*after two rings, picks up the phone* Yeah?
*grins at the sound of his voice* Wake up call for Mr. Saporta!
Heey, I didn't order any wake-up call. What's this? *grins*
*chuckles, tucking a lock of his hair behind his ear* Uh, house-keeping then?

*moves to lean on the railing of the stairs* What's up? You sound like you've been awake, man. That's so not the Gabe I once knew... *trails off in a mockingly wistful way*
*smirks* I drank a bit too much coffee last night, you know.

So hey, you coming over or what, dude?
*giggles under his breath before clearing his throat*

Well, yeah, but I was hoping- *speaks as sweetly as possible* Hoping you would pick me up.
Pick you up? Hmm. I'm not sure I can, dude. I've got a very busy schedule. *is obviously just winding William up*
*for a moment, he can't tell if Gabe is serious or jerking his chain*

C'mon, man. Just add it to all the other favours I owe you. In the favour jar. Please? Pretty please?
I dunno, dude, it's a pretty big jar.
*grins* Do this for me and I'll buy you an even bigger jar, yeah?
How big will it be? Because hey, size is important, yeah?