August 4th, 2007

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*is drumming his fingers on the counter, leafing through the tattoo examples book, thinking whether he should get one or not, and what of*

*it's as uneventful a day as any, and the heat's unbearable, and he's so incredibly bored that not even Hemingway trying to jump on the counter is distracting him from his sheer and utter boredom*

*starts humming "Grace Kelly" and gets a bit carried away, so he starts singing the chorus in a horrible falsetto*

xx Mikey W.
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*Is shuffling around the dark spaces of his second-hand bookshop, tucking the books in need of repair under his arm as he goes.* *Might be humming something suspiciously Disney-ish under his breath.*

*Sets the current stack of damaged books on the counter and starts on the other side of the shop.*

Ryan Ross xxx
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