August 6th, 2007


*sits in bed with papers he printed out strewn around him, picking through and trying to salvage whatever writing opportunities he has left because it was only a day ago that Pete managed to distract him so completely that he missed the deadline for his article. And then was promptly refused an extended deadline by the magazine. And then asked not to write for them again.*

*rubs tiredly at his face* Fucking hate freelance...

*pulls out his ~*~*~Sidekick and begins to aggressively punch in characters*

way to go pete. u totally screwed me over!

*huffs and goes back to looking busy*
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*having (probably foolishly) agreed to going shopping with Brendon, decides that a (possibly) sane companion might be a good idea, and so digs his iPhone out of the pocket of his jeans to text Ryan*

ryanross yr boyfriend is mking me take him shopping. i think this is your job,plus yr more of a girl thn me, so you need to come aswell. or ill go mad coz hes tryng to set me up. xo

*turns to Brendon, shoving the phone back in his pocket* So! What do you even want to shop for?

xo pete