Mikey Way (never_michael) wrote in and_other_sins,
Mikey Way

*is at work, and is supposed to be dealing with the books, but the way he's been kept awake last night and been suffering from insomnia the previous nights has finally gotten to him, so he's sleeping on the counter, his face resting on an open notebook where he was writing and calculating this month's expenses and profits*

xx Mikey W.
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*wonders into the TTT SHP, bored and on lunch from the video store*

*spots Mikey sleeping*


*laughs hysterically*
*snaps up, looking wildy around*

Fucking hell, Brendon Urie...

That's mah name, don't wear it out!

*does a little dance*
*rubs his eyes and his cheek which hurts a bit since it stuck to the paper* What're you doing.
I came to see you, dude!

*sits in the big chair*

You want some of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Ryan made it for me this morning.

*grins again happily*
... Have you got any coffee? I've been up all night. *yawns widely*

Redbull? Wait, why've you been up all night, dude?
Um, I was. *remembers, and figures it's probably better not to tell* Insomnia. Sucks. Red Bull sounds amazing.
*looks vaguely disappointed*

Oh. I thought maybe you'd gotten boned or something.

*hands him a Redbull from his little lunchbox*

Hey, where's Pete?
*bites his lip* I didn't.

Wentz? I dunno. He was here a minute ago...

But you fell asleep on him! So he left! That's lame.

So, no sex last night then? Are you sure?
... I'm sure, yeah.
That's too bad. I did. Lots of sex. Lots.

Are you sure you don't want a sandwich, man?
I didn't need to hear about that, dude.

Nah, just something to wake me up.

Sure you do, single people should always have to listen to me talking about my incredible sex life with my amazing fiance.


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