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Make Us Pure

We are the smudged make-up on your white sheets

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We are the smudged make-up on your white sheets.
Welcome to and_other_sins, a roleplay.

This is all strictly made up, for our entertainment and nothing else and we disclaim.

The character list is as follows:

Fall Out Boy:
Pete Wentz: onneonlights

My Chemical Romance:
Frank Iero: feelallhigh
Gerard Way: gee_away
Mikey Way: never_michael
Bob Bryar: onneonlights

Panic! At The Disco:
Brendon Urie: feelallhigh (mod)
Ryan Ross: crowsandstars (mod)
Jon Walker: jonplaysbass

The Academy Is...
William Beckett: feelallhigh

Tom Conrad: sullen_hearts

Our Location and Character information post can be found here: Locations/Characters
Please feel free to request to play here by leaving us a comment but please do read the rules first!

Check out the sister roleplay badreportcard which is a flashback game for the same characters.

Special molestations go to possiblyana for our shiny gay layout, and sunjuju for our pretty banner.